HS Live Action

On Cinematography

Short visual works highlighting live action 2K and 4K stock cinematography created by Producer and Director Charlie Burket and Cinematographer Robert Perry. The image featured above was shot as part of a series of golfing shots photographed on Red Camera, with additional footage on the Phantom HD. Lenses were Zeiss primes, We employed a minimal exterior lighting and grip package.

To prepare, Charlie and I created thumbnail boards and a look-book covering each setup, desired action and emotional beat. During the location scouts, our focus was on time of day, composition and angles for each key feature of this selected location, as well as the technical logistics of shooting in the field with both the Phantom and Red cameras. Our shooting schedules were dawn to dusk. We got what we went out for, and found  a few happy accidents along the way via spur of the moment inspirations to enliven the mix..

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